School Board Continues To Look At Budget And Staffing Formula

During the KPBSD board meeting on Tuesday, the board took a look at fiscal year spending throughout the school borough in an attempt to find $1.2 million to cut.


After looking at the current formula in place used to staff all borough schools, it was found that the formula possibly was not “one size fits all”, we spoke with President of the KPBSD School Board Joe Arness about possible staff reductions.



Arness: “Anytime you start talking in reduction in staff, then you’re going to have the discussion of where does the staff get reduced, who’s bowl is going to get gored so to speak, so then it devolved into well how do we make that staffing cut in an equitable manner so that’s where we got into the weeds a little bit on specific schools and so forth.”



We asked Arness where he thinks they will find a solution.



Arness: “The only solution is to work with the formula, we used to look at schools individually and that is a nightmare and with 40+ different sites and different situations and different grade configurations you don’t want it to turn into a political struggle and so it has to be by formula, we will manipulate that formula and work with it as well as look at our other expenditures to determine what we need to adjust our budget by however amount of dollars and this is how we can best do it.”

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