School Board Approved Union Contracts

The local school board held a special meeting yesterday to approve the contracts between the  Kenai Peninsula Borough School District and unions representing the local teachers and support staff. We’ve spoken to Assistant Superintendent Sean Dusek, and asked if the new contract is mutually beneficial to all parties…


Dusek: “From our perspective it its. It is a change, but that change needed to happen, simply because of the additional cost that the district will be bearing in terms of health care. We have eliminated the 50/50 split after a certain amount of money was spent on each employee  There was a significant contribution by employees prior to this contract if there were cost overruns in the health care system and at that time, the district wasn’t represented on the health care committee to try to determine benefits, and coverages, and costs of the plan.”


Dusek said that with the shift in burden, the district will now be represented on that healthcare committee…..


Dusek: “We put some structures in place so that we can build trust within that committee,  that is our over all goal with that committee. We really want to be transparent with the information that committee works with and deals with and really try to find ways to keep health care costs down in a partnership. That’s what we’re really really focused on.”

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