School Board Adjusts Budget

The local school board will meet this Monday evening; one of the items on their agenda is a review of the FY2014 budget. Superintendent of the District, Dr. Steve Atwater…


Dr. Atwater: “The School Board will be recommending a revision to our budget at the School Board Meeting on Monday, and that’s because we now know our level of revenue. When the School Board passed the budget, or approved the budget in April, they did not know the level of revenue. The Borough and the State had not finalized things. Now things are final, so we can do a final budget revision for the coming school year.”


Dr. Atwater said it will simply be an increase in the amount of reserves used to cover this year’s expenses…


Dr. Atwater: “We’ll be using $0.5 million less of fund balance than what the Board approved in April. So the total amount of fund balance reserves that we’ll use to balance our budget will be $2,066,720.”


Dr. Atwater said that although the budget can be covered by the reserves, if this funding pattern continues, changes will be made.

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