SBA Making Low Interest Loans Available Following Summer Fisheries Disaster

The U. S. Small Business Administration is making low-interest, working capital federal disaster loans available to small businesses economically impacted by the 2012  Chinook Salmon Fishery disaster that occurred this summer. SBA acted under its own authority to declare a disaster following a request received on November 16, 2012, from Gov. Sean Parnell.

We spoke to Bill Koontz with the Small Business administration….


Koontz: “This opens the door for low interest rate disaster loans, straight from the government, Small Business Administration, for small businesses that are economical impacted by the affects of the problems with the fishery. Obviously, a business owner who owns a fishing business would be the first kind of person you think would want apply for the help. A crew member would not be eligible, since they don’t own the business. But we also expect to be able to help business owners who have anything what so ever to do with the fishing industry.”

Koontz said that some of those businesses would be gear suppliers, fuel suppliers, processors and wholesalers to name a few. He said that any business that can attribute a down turn economically to the fishing closures.


Details about applying for the low interest small business loans can do so online, on in person through the Small Business Development Center located on K-Beach Road.

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