Salvation Army Helps Inmates For Christmas

Being in prison no doubt makes Christmas shopping difficult when you have children, but the Salvation Army is making it a little easier by helping inmates get their children presents for Christmas.


We spoke to Craig Fanning at the Salvation Army who explained more.


Fanning: “We take toys out for the inmates to come in, those who have children or grandchildren, and they come through we usually set up in the gym and they will bring the inmates in groups and they will get to pick a new toy for their children and then we bring the toys back then the youth groups will come and wrap those toys then we drop them in the mail for those kids.” 


Fanning said this program really is to help the children.


Fanning: “Its just is an excellent program and for some of the guys it really is meaningful even though they have done something wrong their kids haven’t and they get a chance to actually shop and get something that they want for their kids and really for me its just a great program.”

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