Safeway Accident Details Released

Kenai Police have released further details after Friday afternoon’s accident which closed a portion of the Kenai Spur Hwy. Sgt. Scott McBride from KPD…


Sgt. McBride: “A 63-year-old male was driving a Harley Davidson motorcycle westbound on the Kenai Spur Hwy. He was approaching the entrance to the Safeway store, between the, in the vicinity of the Subway and the Carl’s Junior. And a 30-year-old female was stopped there at that entrance, and she pulled out in front of him, and they collided in the very center of the turn lane. He had swerved into the turn lane to try to avoid her and she had turned into the turn lane so she could merge into traffic going eastbound on the Spur Hwy.”


McBride said both were locals, he believed the male was from the Soldotna area and the female from Kenai. She was treated and released from the scene.


Sgt. McBride: “The male was transported to Providence Hospital and he’s doing much better. He’s not out of the water yet, but he’s doing much better. His prognosis is good.”

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