Safer Soldotna For New Year’s

Posted: January 2, 2014 at 8:03 am

Soldotna rang in the new year with little trouble, according to Sgt. Stace Escott. Escott said there were no complaints about fireworks…


Sgt. Escott: “There was definitely fireworks going off, I think everybody could hear that, but we didn’t have any complaints about fireworks going off. A lot of times, we have people, even though it’s New Year’s or 4th of July, they will complain about it, but we didn’t have any complaints about it.”


Escott said they had just one or two DUI incidents…


Sgt. Escott: “I think over the years it’s gotten better, where in the past – about 8 years ago – it seems like we used to have a lot more problems than we do now. I think because people are a lot more responsible than they were in the past.”


He said there are more programs in place now to provide alternatives to drunk driving, and educate drivers about the consequences.

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One Comment to “Safer Soldotna For New Year’s”

  • Josh says:

    We need public transport. Cab rides arent cheap, an I’m sick of hearing the “They are cheaper then a DUI” slogan.