ROC the Kenai Handed on To Next Generation

The Respect Our Community initiative is being passed on to the next generation of high school volunteers as founded Courtney Stroh leaves for college this fall. Stroh will study environmental science at Lindfield College in Oregon. Sophomore Mackenzie Lindeman has some big shoes to fill…


Lindeman: “Well I’ve just been watching her over the last year and I’ve been really impressed with how far she’s come, and I think it’s great for the community be doing this and I would just have hated to see it, of all the work she’s done, to just see it all go away. So the least I could do was just jump in with her sister Keira and keep it going and hope for the best.”


We asked Keira how the fishery is looking this year…

Stroh: “At the moment, it looks really clean. As of two years ago it was a really big mess. Last year it got cleaned up a lot and this year it’s been cleaned up a lot more, so we’re just really thankful for the City and all their support in helping getting the beaches a lot cleaner.”

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