Road Safety Reminder: Kids Back in School

As children have been heading back to class this week, Sgt. Duane Kant with the Soldotna Police Department said pedestrians need to be cautious around local roads…


Sgt. Kant: “Well, I’d just like to remind all of the pedestrians, bicycle riders, skateboarders, etc that they are responsible to be good citizens and also obey the traffic laws. They just can’t ride their bikes through intersections or go against stop signs, jaywalk at crosswalks, that kind of stuff. They need to be safe when they’re doing that.”


Sgt. Kant said that the reminders also carry over to drivers as well…


Sgt. Kant: “Watch out for the little folks when they’re out there, and I’d like to remind all the bicycle riders and the skateboarders and etc, put those bicycle helmets on, because they will save your life.”

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