Riverside Assisted Living Center Looking for Summer Opening in Soldotna

Posted: April 25, 2013 at 6:34 am

Work is moving ahead with the development of the Riverside Assisted Living facility in the City of Soldotna. We spoke to Alisa Miliron, Admissions Director for the new assisted living center in Soldotna.


Miliron: “We’re looking to actually open mid to late summer. We had a couple setbacks with construction; we’re looking at an early summer opening. But as of right now, we are taking reservations; we do still have some availability.



Miliron said that there are roughly 48-rooms available in the facility


Miliron: “I’m actually doing tours now, so if anyone is interested in getting signed up and getting on our waiting list, they’d contact me at the 262-5511 that I’ve advertised on the radio.”



The group behind the Riverside Center is also in development of an assisted living center in the City of Kenai located at the old Anchor Trailer Park.

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One Comment to “Riverside Assisted Living Center Looking for Summer Opening in Soldotna”

  • john e and carol a cook says:

    would enjoy the tour on a sunny sunday afternoon or any day that we can..havent been in that aera since I took my grandson and his friend and looked out the riverside window and watched a new calf moose being born