Rising Count Of DUIs and REDDI Awareness

Local police officers and State Troopers have been reporting a growing number of DUIs in the local area, as days get longer and summer celebrations are starting. Megan Peters with the Alaska State Troopers had this to say.



Peters: Anytime its like a holiday which Memorial weekend is coming up and the weather is nicer we do notice that people choose to partake and some of them make the poor choice of getting behind the wheel, its why we do focused enforcement efforts around holidays. Right now the National Click It Or Ticket campaign is going on so we have Troopers out on the roadways doing extra overtime hours on so that could account for us catching more of them


We asked Peters about what drivers can do to help keep dangerous drivers off of the road.



Peters: REDDI stands for Report Every Dangerous Driver Immediately,  essentially if somebody is on the road, they’re driving they’re weaving in and out of traffic they’re speeding, going overly fast around corners, running through stop signs just practicing unsafe driving behaviors, as Troopers we need to know about it because we can’t do anything until we get reports until we know something is happening, we can’t be everywhere so we encourage people to help us by calling in and reporting what they’re seeing, the more information they can provide to us the better our chances are of tracking down that dangerous driver.


As always we encourage you to call 911 when you believe there is a risk of death or injury due to a dangerous drivers behavior.

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