Retired Biologist Steps Down From KRSMA

Posted: January 8, 2014 at 12:05 pm

Retired State Fisheries Biologist Ken Tarbox has resigned from a Kenai River Special Management Area Board committee amid controversy about the makeup of the board…


Tarbox: “Well I don’t think the KRSMA Board at this point in time, or in recent history, has made a commitment to Kenai River habitat protection.”


Tarbox said his resignation was effective yesterday, and cited the influence of special interest groups in his reasoning…


Tarbox: “Mainly the guide industry has been pushing back against any regulation or action that would change the status quo of the way they operate or the river users operate and that was to the detriment of habitat in the river. There’s been a history of that. It start with erosion issues when the Board was first made, and has continued through the hydrocarbon issue and now recently the turbidity issue. The Board just has lost its mission.”


Tarbox says that if the board turns out to be ineffective, it needs to be completely disbanded and established from scratch. But before that could happen…


Tarbox: “Do a complete review of the Board’s history, relative to its mission, and the actions its taken or not taken.”

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5 Comments to “Retired Biologist Steps Down From KRSMA”

  • Ed says:

    Ken enjoy retirement and stop the political comments about the make up of the phony board and its policies!!

  • rmfisher says:

    Thank you, Ken, for taking a stand.

  • Sam Stine says:

    It sounds like Tarbox was the kind of person that is most needed on the board. I’m not sure how him stepping down is going to improve things. Doesn’t it just create a space for another person with political motivations?

  • Nancy says:

    Tarbox, Alaska needs your knowledge. Don’t abandoned us to the broken board

  • Another Kenai Resident says:

    Boards and Organizations that Ken Tarbox has resigned from:

    Kenai Soldotna Advisory Committee
    Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association
    Kenai Area Fishermen’s Coalition
    Kenai Peninsula Fish Habitat Partnership

    Ken chose to “resign” from a committee to the KRSMA advisory board that anyone can participate on.