Residents Wait in the Rain During Six-Hour Standoff

Posted: August 22, 2013 at 12:31 pm

While Troopers focused on a six-hour stand off in the Gas Well Road area last night, homeowners stood in the rain or sought shelter in local businesses. School buses were re-routed as streets were closed from around 2:30pm on. We spoke to one homeowner on the street…


Bystander: “Came out to pick up the kids at 2:45 and check the mail and there were two Trooper vehicles with no lights on further down the street. Went down to look and see what was going on. When I turned around, saw an armored vehicle in one of the residences on the south side of Jones Road. Came back and a Trooper met me nose-to-nose in my car and told me I needed to get out of here, they had something going on. And that was about ten minutes to three.”


All Troopers could confirm is that they had planned the situation and people should stay out of the area.


But for those who were home, or left standing in the rain, like Jake Lawson, there was little comfort…


Lawson: “Well, when I first walked out to the end of my driveway, I just saw one Trooper truck kinda’ blocking off Jones Stub, and over the last two or three hours, there’s been a good ten more show up, and then there was an armored car that showed up, and then another one, I’m not sure if it’s an ambulance or a transport, but it’s down here at the end, and they aren’t really saying much, but whatever it is, it looks like they got it under control, they got a lot of Troopers here.”


Troopers continued bringing officers, a SWAT unit, communications equipment and finally an armored BearCat, in an attempt to bring in 42-year-old James “Mike” Cook. Cook was wanted for multiple charges relating to an August 13th incident, including: two counts of felony assault, kidnapping, and tampering with evidence.


After eye-witness reports, we finally released this confirmation from Megan Peters with the State Troopers around 4:30pm…


Peters: “We are now involved in a situation we have a barricaded subject in the Gas Well Road area, at least one shot has been fired, not by us.”


And that was all we knew. At that time, it wasn’t known who was in the residence surrounded by Troopers, why they were approaching that individual, or how long until the neighborhood would be reopened.


Lawson continued to wait…


Lawson: “Been here all day, and I didn’t hear the first initial reported gunshot, but I did hear that flash bang or whatever they threw into the house. Whatever that was, I heard.”


Smoke grenades were deployed, non-lethal “deterrent” shots, and negotiators in the BearCat started hours-long conversations.



At times, Eric Price reported from the scene…


Price: “He has been smoked out of his house. The SWAT team and State Troopers have thrown tear gas into the premises, which has gotten him out of the house a second time, to which he is walking around the premises of his house with a gun, possibly to his neck or head.”


Residents joined us to provide comfort as shots were heard outside…


Prayer: “That You will intervene, that You will bring some rest, or You’ll bring some kind of peaceful situation that only You can bring in his mind, and we thank You for it in Jesus’ name, we just cover this whole area.”


Until at last, close to 9:10pm, more than six hours after residents were first locked down, KSRM’s Nathan Johnson could reveal…


Johnson: “He had the gun, as we were saying a little bit ago, to his head, and he unstrapped it. The negotiators from the State Troopers were continuing to discuss to him what they wanted done. He eventually then, it looked like he was unloading it, he was still hesitant at the time, but then at that time, he then finally picked the gun up and then he did flail the gun towards the State Troopers’ BearCat and at that point then crossed his arms, and then from there, he has been following the instructions of the State Troopers. They do have him in custody at this time, and it looks like the situation now is coming to a good end.”


Our thoughts at KSRM go out to all who were involved last night, from the Troopers on the ground and the residents watching from their homes to residents Peninsula-wide, who are shocked to see the changes in their community.


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One Comment to “Residents Wait in the Rain During Six-Hour Standoff”

  • Steve Wright says:

    8/25/13 THANK YOU to the ALASKA STATE TROOPERS & the SERT TEAM & NEGOTIATOR for using the “RoBo Call System to notify local Residents nearby that there was a Danger. That’s the Way it Should Be. A Job Well Done NO ONE DIED .

    THANK YOU to the KSRM NEWS Team for Broadcasting this event LIVE & Keeping Us Informed. A Job Well Done.
    Mission Accomplished NO ONE DIED on Wet, Cold Miserable RAINY Day for hours on end.