Residents Urged to Test Water Before Winter Freeze

Borough personnel say the ground water is receding along K-Beach, but the water table is still relatively high. Borough Mayor Mike Navarre gave this update to the Assembly this week…


KPB Mayor Navarre: “And we’ve looked at some of the drainages, we’ve had folks out walking the drainages, looking at what we can do to divert water as it impacts our roads, because that’s within the authority that the Borough has to expend money.”


Residents in the area are encouraged to test their water now before the winter freeze sets in.


KPB Mayor Navarre: “We have a place on our website where folks can go online and report to us issues that they’re having, so that we can document everything that’s going on, and we’re looking at what we can do long term in order to try to help address this situation  but as far as digging a canal on 7th, that’s not within our authority as a second class borough.”


Tauriainen Engineering & Testing has test kits available for purchase, call 262-4624.

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