Residents Speak in Favor of Limiting DOT

Last night, three residents added their support to Borough Assembly Member Brent Johnson’s resolution to limit DOT clearing along local highways.


David Martin of Clam Gulch was pleased to see the Borough responding.


Martin: “This is the area where I live. It used to look like Alaska, now it looks more like North Dakota. It is a 300 foot eyesore with no trees, just a power line alongside the road. It is pretty ugly, compared to what it used to be. I and my neighbors have lost our wind, sound and visual barrier between our houses and the road. My driveway drifted in for the first time in 26 years. One of the worst things that we have lost is some of Alaska’s mystique, which is one of the main reasons most of us live here and one of the main reasons tourists visit Alaska.”


The ordinance was approved, the Borough Assembly is now requesting the Governor and the DOT limit their clearing activities.

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