Residents Seeking Solution For K-Beach Water Problems

Following a meeting last week about the high water table in the K-Beach area, residents felt as if they were not heard or offered a solution.


K-Beach resident Dave Yragui is attempting to establish what he calls a “K-Beach Community Drainage Improvement Committee” to involve the people affected by flooding and water damage on their properties.


Yragui says he is hoping round up the community.


Yragui: “What we’re looking for is anyone being impacted by ongoing flooding, problems with septics, crawlspaces or wells we are asking everyone in the community to come out [October 10th] at the Soldotna Sports Center between 6 and 8 pm, we are going to have a presentation to show people what is going on”.


Yragui is extending the invitation to local government.


Yragui: “We would like to invite to the meeting Mayor Navarre and any of his people, Sen. Peter Micciche and Rep. Kurt Olson and Mike Chenault would also be invited and we would welcome their presence, Scott Walden with the Soldotna Emergency Management, Brian Gabriel and Carl High with the DOT. Anyone with the ability to focus on whats going on what the correct solutions are to solve the problems”.


That meeting once again will be held Oct. 10th at the Soldotna Sports Center in conference room #2, 6-8pm on Tuesday.

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