Residents Say “Not So Fast” to $43 million Hospital Expansion

Posted: October 21, 2013 at 11:58 am

Tomorrow, the Borough will consider issuing $43 million in revenue bonds to finance an expansion to Central Peninsula Hospital. But Dan Green is petitioning the Borough to delay their decision…


Green: “There’s been so little information provided to the public on what’s going on.”


The expansion would add a new space for offices, spinal care, and more. But the design has been evolving…


Green: “Two or three months ago, it was noted in the certificate of need application as 72,000 square feet and a memorandum that’s attached to this resolution now has it at 89,000 square feet, increasing in cost from $38 million to $43 million.”


Green said he’s not opposing the expansion, but rather the way the process has been handled…


Green: “My entire objective is to make the public aware that the Borough Assembly will be voting this Tuesday on a resolution to sell $43 million in revenue bonds to expand the Central Peninsula Hospital. I find it odd and unacceptable that this is being done with very little public notice and most importantly in a way that does not require a vote by the public.”


To get involved, visit the Borough Assembly website and email your representative or call Dan Green on 398-9199 to sign his petition.

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One Comment to “Residents Say “Not So Fast” to $43 million Hospital Expansion”

  • Steve Wright says:

    What happens when You allow a total Monopoly to Happen within your community ?

    That Monopoly then Charges What Ever It Pleases for Procedures & Services & get Attitude towards its PAYING CUSTOMERS & THE OWNERS of said Monopoly . If You Don’t Like it then Drive to Anchorage. There is No Competition, There is No other Businesses to provide Services.

    Our Central Pen. Hospital is fast becoming a Total MONOPOLY SPW