Residents Complain About DOT Clearing Program

While the Department of Transportation has been pleased with their Vegetation Clearing program along K-Beach Rd and the Sterling Highway, not everyone agrees it’s making the roads safer. At last night’s meeting of the Borough Assembly, David Martin of Clam Gulch says the current program is a mistake.


Martin: “To date, they have clear cut 200 feet on the east side of the road and 100 feet on the west side of the road, and the plan is to clear cut all the highway right-of-ways in the state. The DOT developed this plan only within their department. There have been no environmental assessments, no input from Fish and Game or other affected departments, local governments or public meetings or notifications to the public.”


Martin said the DOT’s aggressive program isn’t maintained every year, leading to high costs and unpredictable outcomes. He called for a multi-pronged approach, with a smaller 75-foot clearing on each side and more consistent management.

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