Residents Asked to Report ‘Abnormal’ Animal Behavior After Mauling

Last week was a big week for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, with a bear mauling in Kasilof and a rabid wolf captured in the Interior. Jeff Selinger with the ADF&G office in Soldotna handled the Kasilof grizzly, which turned out to be blind…


Selinger: “A positive that could come out of this incident that we just went through down here would be any time people see animals acting abnormal, it would be really good to contact the Dept Fish & Game or either us, the wildlife refuge or even the Wildlife Troopers, just get the word out to some authorities. And hopefully, we would be the initial contact here at the Dept Fish & Game. If it occurs out on the refuge, there’s  no problem letting the refuge know if you can’t get a hold of one of us here.”


Selinger reiterated their hours of availability…


Selinger: “9 to 5 and there is a 24 hour message phone here. Any time you see an animal acting abnormal, boy, we’d sure like to hear about it.”

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