Residents Ask For Jacob’s Ladder Alternative

The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly was poised to appropriate $100,000 for repairs to Jacob’s Ladder Drive last week; after requests for postponement, the ordinance will now be heard August 20th.


Fred Braun has property in the area…


Braun: “A lot of us that are now in the 60’s and 70’s, and some in their 80’s, were 30 and 40 years old when they purchased those parcels. They’re having a tough time getting in and out of there. Jacob’s Ladder is, it’s¬†treacherous. Very, very, very, very tracherous. There’s broken arms, legs, there’s 4-wheelers down in the canyon, which is Leif Creek.”


Braun said he’d rather see a road further south…


Braun: “If the Borough would possibly consider a new approach and just get rid of Jacob’s Ladder totally. Jacob’s Ladder is sloughing off into Leif Creek, and as an anadromous stream, it’s really an issue.”


The Assembly will take public hearing during the August 20th meeting.

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