Representative Disappointed with Fish Commissioner’s Absence

One cabinet member was noticeably absent from yesterday afternoon’s Governor’s Family Picnic, Fish & Game Commissioner Cora Campbell had a personal circumstance which prevented her from attending.


Rep. Paul Seaton…

Rep. Seaton(R-Homer): “It’s too bad and we’re in contact, but it’s a lot of issues around in Fish & Game right now, I know she’s busy, but hopefully we can get some good decisions made up there.”


Seaton said he has continuing questions about Department decisions and calculations…


Rep. Seaton(R-Homer): “Well I think we really need to look at the King Salmon on the Kenai, and find out whether those numbers are going to be adjusted, like they were last year. If that happens, and we’ve had additional closures this year for no reason, then it’s going to be really a problem, so I’m sure we’ll be looking at it this next Legislative session, but of course the Legislature doesn’t have much of a role during season. that’s supposed to be Board of Fish and Department implementing Board of Fish regulations, so hopefully we can get the fishing time for the families on the Kenai Peninsula and have economic development as best we can.”

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