Reports of Mushy Halibut Dwindle

After an unusually high number of mushy halibut last year, scientists say fishermen have gone quiet. So far, in 2013, there haven’t been many reports of soft fish.


But the State’s Chief fish pathologist Ted Meyers said they’re still continuing their research…


Meyers: “We have had some of these halibut aged. There does not seem to be a difference between an older halibut and a younger halibut. There does not seem to be any difference between male or female.”


Meyers said most of last year’s mushy fish was reported by recreational fishermen, and almost none from the commercial sector.


Meyers: “The commercial industry has not identified this as a problem in their processing of halibut. Although they haven’t really been looking for it, but it hasn’t really surfaced as a real problem. So who knows, or at this point we just need more information.”


While there is a difference between mushy and chalky halibut, the ADF&G is continuing to ask that all unusual catches be reported.

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