Report Shows GM Fish Breed “Voraciously”

A report from a Canadian university is adding strength to the anti-Frankenfish push, with U.S. Senator Mark Begich today saying GMO promoters are trying to “play Russian roulette with our food supply.”


In response to the study from Memorial Univeristy, which showed that GM salmon have the ability to breed with wild trout and pass engineered genes on, Begich said: “It is clear GMO products pose a widespread and unmanageable threat to our wild fish supply and today’s reports indicate that developers of these Frankenfish have not presented us with the basic facts”


According to the university research, Frankenfish-trout hybrids breed more voraciously than either the all-GM-salmon or natural fish.


Sen. Begich also reacted to the discovery of GM wheat found growing in an Oregon field, without approval. Begich’s office said it’s not yet clear why the Monsanto product was in the field.


With concerns for the environment, and the United States’ credibility as an exporter, Sen. Begich said: “Aquabounty assures us that there is no way for their Frankenfish to get into the wild. But the USDA and Monsanto gave us the same assurances that their GE wheat couldn’t get into production, and look at what happened.”

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