Report Shows 25,500 Jobs From 2013 Spending

According to a recent report from the State Legislative Research Services, a non-partition agency, more than 25,500 jobs were created by state capital spending in 2013.


That number combines direct, indirect, and induced jobs. ‘Direct jobs’ describes jobs created by new construction project, indirect jobs are those created in support industries. Induced jobs are those which are created as a result of increased spending in the community.


The number of jobs created in 2013 was an estimate based on the $2,725,900,000 worth of capital spending that year. For FY2014, it’s a very different picture, with a reduced budget and the lowest number of new jobs in the report’s 7-year history.


Governor Parnell announced earlier this year he was working to reign in state spending…


Gov. Parnell: “$1.1billion leaner than the current year. It holds the operating budget to 0.8% growth.”


The Alaska Democratic Party said the total of 148,000 jobs created since 2007 is proof that ACES is working, though the report doesn’t specifically mention oil taxes or the state’s overall financial health.

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