Rep. Young Votes In Favor to Reduce Flight Delays

Alaska’s lone congressman Don Young today voted in favor of House Resolution 1765, the Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013, legislation that will provide the Federal Aviation Administration with additional flexibility to address the furlough of air traffic controllers, which have caused lengthy flight delays across the country.

Young said that Alaskans are no strangers to air travel delays, but the delays are usually caused by mother nature, not the federal government.  Today’s legislation will ensure that regular order returns to our airports, without compromising Americans’ safety, despite a substantial FAA budget increase over the past few years, the Obama Administration and the historically ‘financially mismanaged’ FAA unbelievably claimed the furloughs were still necessary.

The long time member of the U.S. House applauded the swift response by both chambers of Congress to address this issue, and I am hopeful that the Obama Administration will avoid politically manufactured situations like this in the future.

H.R. 1765 now heads to the Senate, where swift passage is expected

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