Rep. Young Furious Over AP Scandal

Alaska’s lone Congressman Don Young is furious about revelations the Department of Justice seized phone records from the Associated Press. He called the actions “beyond the pale,” saying the DoJ appears to have thrown its usual protocols out the window in “completely disregarding” the First Amendment rights of the AP journalists.


He’s added his signature, along with 28 other Representatives, to a letter demanding the DoJ Commissioner account for the breach of trust by answering the following questions…


1.      Who within the Justice Department approved, was aware of and supervised the monitoring of the Associated Press phone lines?

2.      If you are required to approve all subpoenas of records of news organizations, did you review the Justice Department’s subpoena of the Associated Press phone lines? If not, why?

3.      Has a monitoring of this scope and breadth occurred previously at the Justice Department, and if so, what news organizations or reporters were monitored and why?

4.      How will those responsible be held accountable for their actions?


You can read the letter here: Letter to Dept. of Justice.


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