Rep. Wes Keller Applauds Parnell’s Rejection of Medicaid Expansion

This morning Representative Wes Keller, who serves on the Alaska Health Care Commission, commended Governor Parnell’s decision not to expand Medicaid enrollment eligibility.


We spoke with Rep. Keller about why he agrees with the Governor’s decision.


Rep. Keller: “Mostly its the fact that the way that our health care system is going right now every study out there will show you that its unsustainable, the costs are rising and the amount of healthcare that we can provide, we’re not going to be able to keep up and we’re spending so much money on health care right now, its really obvious that the problem is that the money isn’t really being handled or being used by Alaskan’s.”


We asked Rep. Keller what he sees as a future solution.


Rep. Keller: “We have to have the market function, you know if you go to get something done at the doctors office, you really don’t know the value of basically anything that we’re getting, we can’t find out you can’t shop, and one way would be to have an all payers claims database so when someone pays a medical procedure process that would go into a database that’s available for anybody that’s buying healthcare.”


Keller pointed out that Alaska is with other states that have rejected Medicaid expansion for similar reasons, stating, “Long-term solutions to the provision of healthcare for our citizens must be state-based in terms of quality and affordability.”

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