Rep. Seaton Says the Majority of Bills Still in the Legislature Won’t Pass

Representative Paul Seaton is currently back on the Peninsula after the end of the first half of the 28th Alaskan Legislature. We asked Rep. Seaton about the bills still waiting for approval…


Rep. Seaton(R-Homer): “Sessions are sessions and people’ll get back, and there’ll be a number of bills that’re still on the plate waiting to be considered. Most of those will not pass. Generally, you get about one third of the bills that’re introduced that actually have traction to pass.”


Seaton said bills have to pass rigorous inspection from both houses of the Legislature, as well as the public, and most bills fail in one of those arenas.


Rep. Seaton: “So there’s a number of bills that get introduced, because they’re a good idea in some other states, but Alaska is unique, I mean, we are much more rural, much more diverse than most states, so most bills don’t pass the Legislature, and that’s for a reason, because they’re just not a good fit for Alaska.”

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