Rep. Olson Explains Surprising Comment on Exxon Spill

Representative Kurt Olson made headlines across the state last week, after some comments made to an Exxon official during a hearing over oil tax reform regarding the 1989 oil spill in Prince William Sound…


Rep. Olson(R-Soldotna): “The comment I made, as made to an Exxon producer and it was addressed to the fact that there are two forms of Exxon. There is the shipping company and the production company. When the spill happened, both companies were dragged into it, ultimately and for obvious reasons, Exxon was liable, there were other players that shared in the ‘perfect storm’ if you want to call it that.  The Coast Guard, or just about anybody that wouldn’t make a decision. We went a week or so before anyone could decide what to do. Ultimately it was about the shipping company, if the ship had been named the Valdez Sunflower or something like that, Exxon still would have been liable, but it would have shown the difference between the two entities.”

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