Rep. Nageak’s Call for Sides to Work Together on ANWR

Yesterday during a joint session of the State Legislation in Juneau, Arctic Representative Benjamin Nageak proposed that all sides should work together to open ANWR.


Nageak took the time to thank Senator Lisa Murkowski for all the work she has put towards opening the Arctic. He also stated that while everyone is affected by the federal government’s actions, people who live in those areas are “intimately impacted, personally impacted, physically and mentally impacted” and that recent decisions are keeping the people from being enriched by the resources.


Rep. Nageak(D-Barrow): “What’s ironic is that they’re closing it up in our waters but 40-50 miles away, Russians are going to be drilling. There’s nothing that’s going to be stopping them because historically they’ve been able to do that. So if those people who are listening in the environmental field or have heard us in the past several years… I’m going to be nice… If you’re so worried about the environment, you’re worried about our oceans, help us open ANWR! It’s our land! Help us! You’re worried about the ocean, help us do it on land where we can watch it.”


To which Murkowski replied…


Murkowski: “Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, I don’t need to add to that, it was beautifully put.”



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