Remember New Dip Net Regulations For Thursday

Posted: July 8, 2014 at 12:03 pm

In two days the annual Kenai River dipnet fishery will open, drawing Alaskan residents to local beaches.


The Board of Fish made a few changes to dip net regulations this year; Sportsfishing Management Biologist Robert Begich said fishermen need to be proactive…


Begich: “Folks need to review pages 14 and 15 of the regulation booklet. Come into the office, get a permit. If you have any questions about areas open to dip netting and the time, it’s still 6am to 11pm, and we’ll get you straightened out.”


Begich outlined the big change which has caught some off-guard…


Begich: “One of the things that’s new for this year in regulation is language that clarifies when people need to log their catch after personal use fishing. It’s right on the permit, and basically, I’ll paraphrase it, it says you need to mark your harvest and record it on your card prior to leaving the area that’s open to dip netting, so once you leave the boudnary of that fishery, you need to have your harvest recorded on that card.”


There has been increased Wildlife Trooper patrols along local fisheries, since the State Legislature appropriated additional money for enforcement this year.

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3 Comments to “Remember New Dip Net Regulations For Thursday”

  • Julie Soper says:

    And take your Garbage with you….pack it in~ pack it out!!!

  • Mary says:

    I was about to say the same thing that Julie mentioned. Take your garbage with you. I doubt very many people will read this, especially the hoards driving down to fish. The last few years I have volunteered to help protect our river banks. It is sickening to haul out hundreds of pounds of garbage left by uncaring people. The beaches are worse. They are the cause for more regulations and higher fee’s.

  • Jacqueline Pannell says:

    Respect peoples driveways when you start driveing down with your 4-wheerers. Some of the drive way are so ruin from them. RESPECT THEM PEOPLE.