Region III Track Championships Open Friday At Nikiski

The 2013 Region III Track and Field Championships, divided into competition in both the small school and large school divisions of Region III, will feature two days of competition at Nikiski High School on Friday and Saturday, May 10 and 11.

Friday Event Schedule

Track and field action begins Friday, May 10 with field events beginning at 10 a.m., including the girls high jump, boys long jump, girls discus and boys shot put.  Starting at noon, the boys high jump and girls long jump.

Running events begin at 1:00 p.m. with the finals in the 3200M.

Running preliminary events begin at 2:15 p.m.

Saturday Event Schedule

9:30 a.m.  Field Events including girls triple jump and shot; boys discus and triple jump

10:30 a.m. Running Finals

Girls 3200m relay 3A

–        Girls 3200m relay 4A

−   Boys 3200m relay 3A

−   Boys 3200m relay 4A

−   Girls 100m hurdles 3A

−   Girls 100m hurdles 4A

−   Boys 110m hurdles 3A

−   Boys 110m hurdles 4A

−   Girls 100m 3A

−   Girls 100m 4A

−   Boys 100m 3A

−   Boys 100m 4A

−   Girls 800m relay 3A

−   Girls 800m relay 4A

−   Boys 800m relay 3A

−   Boys 800m relay 4A

−   Girls 1600m 3A

−   Girls 1600m 4A

−   Boys 1600m 3A

−   Boys 1600m 4A

−   Girls 400m relay 3A

−   Girls 400m relay 4A

−   Boys 400m relay 3A

−   Boys 400m relay 4A

−   Girls 400m 3A

−   Girls 400m 4A

−   Boys 400m 3A

−   Boys 400m 4A

−   Girls 300m intermediate hurdles 3A

−   Girls 300m intermediate hurdles 4A

−   Boys 300m intermediate hurdles 3A

−   Boys 300m intermediate hurdles 4A

−   Girls 800m3A

−   Girls 800m4A

−   Boys 800m 3A

−   Boys 800m 4A

−   Girls 200m 3A

−   Girls 200m 4A

−   Boys 200m 3A

−   Boys 200m 4A

−   Girls 1600m relay 3A

−   Girls 1600m relay 4A


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