Reed Morisky to Weigh in on Board of Fish

New Board of Fish Member Reed Morisky has been in the seat for just over a month and will weigh in on Statewide Finfish issues at next week’s Board meeting. Morisky, a charter guide, filled the vacancy left by Bill Brown this year, who resigned for personal reasons.


We spoke with fellow board member Tom Kluberton.


Kluberton: “Seems to be a bright guy and he seems to be coming up to speed quickly.”


Kluberton said no one expects Morisky to take the place of Dr. Bill Brown, who held a PhD in economics and was the final word on modeling and statistics.


Kluberton: “One of the wonderful things about a Board is you get a lot of different perspectives and so we’ll be now bringing in a different perspective from up in Fairbanks and we’ll be somewhat lacking. You know, I definitely am going to miss Brown’s knowledge, he was quite astute at interpreting how the Department went about their science and their modeling. We all learned a little bit. I’ll say that, after a few years on the Board with Mr. Brown, or Dr. Brown I should say, we all learned more than we used to know about those kind of things, so hopefully it’s rubbed off on some of us.”


The Statewide Finfish meeting will kick off in Anchorage on Tuesday, March 19, at the Hilton in Anchorage.

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