Redistricting Board Votes on New Boundaries for 2014 Election

The  Alaska Redistricting Board yesterday adopted new electoral boundaries for next the 2014 election.

The new plan largely resembles the statewide plan that was in effect before the 2012 elections. We spoke to John Torgerson of Kenai who serves as chairman for the redistricting board, about the changes to the Kenai Peninsula legislative boundaries….


Torgerson: “We worked pretty hard not to try to divide the borough twice by putting population in two different districts, and by doing so, we ended up repairing Kodiak with the  southern peninsula, Homer up to somewhere around K-Beach Road, I don’t know where the dividing point it is right now. So the effect of that is to put Senator Micciche in the senate district that comprises of the House Districts of Speaker Chenault and Kurt Olson, so he has a new district that would run from Nikiski to Seward.”


Torgerson also outlined the changes to the southern peninsula representation…


Togerson: “Paul Seaton would primarily have the district that he had before on the lower peninsula, and the senator for the lower peninsula, right now, he’s up for election so I can’t say what would happen, but would be Senator Stevens from Kodiak, that would represent that if he decides to run, and if he ran, or whatever.”


The change in boundaries will see Senator Peter Micciche of Soldotna facing re-election in the 2014 statewide election.

Click here to view the new Kenai Peninsula Boundaries

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