Rediske Memorial Draws Hundreds

Many of the news reports about the Soldotna plane crash have focused on the families from South Carolina, but last Saturday Willy Rediske’s influence on the community was clear. KSRM’s Karen McGahan was at the memorial service held in Nikiski…


McGahan: “Oh my goodness, all of Nikiski came out to support this family with their love, and they just supported them in every way possible. There was a huge potluck. There was more people than I have ever seen at a gathering in Nikiski. I know there were 500 chairs and there were people standing. All the old families were there, and there was just such an outpouring of love, it was just amazing.”


McGahan said Rediske had been known as a man of great character and faith.


McGahan: “I can tell you that knowing him since he was born, he was a wonderful boy, a wonderful teenager, and just a wonderful man. A great family man. He’s from a huge family, the Porters and the Rediskes and he’s just been well-known his whole life, and I don’t think there’s a person that could say they ever heard Willy say an unkind word about anyone.”


The family is holding a private service today.

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