Red Cross Responds To Western Alaska Following Winter Storms

The American Red Cross of Alaska is on the ground in remote villages to help those affected by the Western Alaska winter storms and in Fairbanks where wind storms have left thousands without power over the last week. They are coordinating with the cities, village leadership, school districts, and state emergency management to best serve Alaskans in need.


We spoke to Laura Spano with the Red Cross.


Spano: “By the end of the week we had sent out two disaster relief workers to Kotlik, there the workers brought up supplies, were able to support in their sheltering because they were sheltering last week. They actually got a list of the needs from the community directly so we knew what we could do to best help them directly. Red cross sent 500 gallons of clean water, several 5-gallon bucket clean up kits, we sent out trash bins that they used as rain catchers to keep the water coming because there is kind of a water crisis going on.”


Spano went on to say the Red Cross will remain in Western Alaska until their assistance is no longer needed.


Spano: “Right now the two workers that are up there will remain up there until its safe and peoples needs are being met. They actually walked around the village and talked to everyone door to door to assess the needs and assess the damages so we could then go in and offer financial assistance and help out with what they needed to get on their feet.”


If you would like to help the people of Western Alaska affected by these storms, and other Alaskans facing emergencies every day, you can make a donation at and donate to the local disaster relief fund.

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