Recycling a Hit in Free Peninsula Event

Last Saturday’s annual electronic recycling event saw a record 150 carloads dropped off, as the usual $15 fee was waived by XTO Energy. Krista Timlin said they still have an extra 10 pallets to take to Anchorage for processing…


Timlin: “A lot of CPU’s, computer towers, cell phones and computer-related electronics were certainly very popular. There were also, people brought in, small appliances, radio/stereo things, VCR players, DVD players…”


The items are first taken to Anchorage for processing, then on to Seattle to be broken down further , if needed. Timlin said the precious metals and elements in the electronics are recycled by the Basil Action Network, to the highest levels of environmental responsibility.


For more information about the event, or transporting items to Anchorage, call Jan Wallace at 252-2773.

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