Record Snow, Windstorms, and Flooding Major Factor in Navarre’s First Year Back in Office

Mayor Navarre recently completed his first year in office as the Mayor. During our conversations, Navarre said, besides the learning curve, the number of natural disasters last year also took a lot of time in the mayor’s office.


Mayor Navarre: “You know, we’ve seen a number of disasters in the last year, flooding disaster, largest snowfall in history and created a bit of problems for the school district and the roads department and of course a lot of our communities, and of course the windstorms also, so there were a lot of disasters that took place. I guess, the day to day management, and the fact that it takes a lot of time, and because of the uncertainty in the recently concluded presidential election, some of the issues regarding healthcare were put on hold, that of course is on to of the things I want to help, reduce the cost of healthcare on the Kenai Peninsula.”


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