Recent Volcanic Activity On Mount Cleveland

With the recent news of volcanic activity at Mount Pavlof, we spoke to geologist Chris Waythomas with the Alaska Volcano Observatory about another active volcano, Mount Cleveland.



Waythomas: Cleveland has been persistently active for quite a while, in fact in may turn out to be the most active volcano in Alaska but its really remote and we don’t have it seismically instrumented so our observation database is somewhat limited, but its been erupting off and on quite a bit over the past 10 years.


We asked Waythomas about the most recent activity at Cleveland.



Waythomas: Well right now its been relatively quiet and its kind of obscured in clouds so we can’t get a good look at the summit but when the clouds start to break we’ve been observing elevated surface temperatures at the summit. It has a circular, maybe 150 meter in diameter, crater right at the top and there’s a thermal area at the bottom which is either hot ground or lava real near the surface and occasionally that stuff will get exploded out.


You can find real time volcanic activity data at the AVO’s website.

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