Ready-To-Eat Meals Recalled

In another Alaskan food recall, GoPicnic Brands says two ready-to-eat meals may contain milk, a known allergen, which is not clearly disclosed.


The meals include the GoPicnic Black Bean Dip & Plantain Chips and Hummus & Crackers. The milk allergen is contained in the Professor Zim Zam’s Extraordinary Sweets Dark Chocolate with Orange and Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, which is part of the meal.


Specific products include:

Product Description Lot Code Best By
GoPicnic Black Bean Dip & Plantain Chips Meal 10773, 11063, M13107, M23107, M13137, M23137, M13165, M13175, M13182, M23182, M13197, M13201, M23204 9/24/2013 to 5/29/2014
GoPicnic Hummus & Crackers Meal 10303, 10373, 10383, 10503, 10513, 10523, 10623, 10663, 10793, 10803, 10923, M13106, 11063, M23107, M23143, 11143, M13115, M23136, M23137, M13144, 11483, M13151, M23151, M23152, M23164, M13171, M13176, M23176, M13183, M23183, M13184, M23184

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