Raw Milk Customer Says Illness From Smoked Chicken, Not Dairy

Charles McCullough drinks raw milk, and he contracted campylobacter earlier this year, but he says the two aren’t as connected as the Department of Health and Social Services is insisting…


McCullough: “When I talked to the Health Department, I guess called my phone here to follow up on the campylobacter issue, and all he wanted to talk about was the raw milk. I told him about the chicken and how the doctor and I had discussed that at the hospital and how that was probably the culprit, but he was convinced it was the raw milk, and even when I told him I hadn’t had any milk for, I don’t drink that much  milk, I go and get it by the half gallon, and I hadn’t even had any milk for a couple weeks or so, but he kinda’ over-rid that and later at the end of the conversation, decided that my memory was a memory lapse and it was probably eight days or so since I had had milk.”


McCullough is a customer of Peninsula Dairy, the Kasilof cow-share which was named as the culprit. However, Greg Wilkinson with the Department of Health and Social Services confirmed the actual strain of campylobacter which affected 30+ people on the Peninsula wasn’t found at that dairy…


Wilkinson: “Because the sample wasn’t taken until weeks later, and perhaps for whatever other reason, that particular strain of campylobacter wasn’t identified. That doesn’t invalidate the epidemiological study that indicates that the common factor in all these people getting sick was this milk.”


Wilkinson said it was his understanding that all the individuals affected were customers of Peninsula Dairy, and the Department remains confident in its assessment; However, McCullough said he’s still determined the milk from Peninsula Dairy is safer than what you’d find at a grocery store.

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