Rain, Possible Flooding Predicted

Still no snow, and the Peninsula could break the 2002 record for latest measurable snowfall. A little over ten years ago, the area didn’t see snow until November 13. The following year, it was November 10.


The National Weather Service is also warning that a storm in Russia may bring heavy rain this weekend, with a chance of further flooding.


The storm is sending a surge of warm air across the Bering Sea to mainland Alaska, which is expected to arrive Saturday with heavy precipitation. Temperatures should remain above freezing on Saturday and Sunday, with a chance of slushy snow late Sunday evening as the cold air returns.


The NWS urges caution while driving over the weekend and especially on Monday as the precipitation and fluctuating temperatures could make road surfaces icy.


Since the ground is still saturated, the NWS says flooding is possible Saturday, but is most likely Sunday afternoon.


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