25 Years Of Hits with Catfish Hunter

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catfishSpecial notes strung together become chart topping hits. Put a quarter century of chart topping hits back-to-back in chronological order and it’s called “25 Years of Hits”. “25 Years of Hits” is a weekly radio show that counts up the #1 songs from 1982 through 2006. Seasoned with timeline trivia nuggets, artist interviews, award winning DJs and the most popular music ever made, “25 Years of Hits”

25 Years of Hits is proud to land Craig ‘Catfish’ Hunter as host of Catfish Count-Up Country, the original radio ‘count-up’ program. “I’ve known Craig for over 20 years and it’s a pleasure to reconnect with a talented veteran”, says Bob Utley, who produces and syndicates the weekly show through Cable Car Productions. “Craig is a consummate professional — someone you can relate to and trust because he connects with listeners on a personal level. 25 Years of Hits gives him a perfect venue to achieve even greater success now.” Sunday mornings 4p-6p.

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