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gardenrebelThe Garden Rebel, with host Vince Sims, is a two-hour LIVE caller driven gardening and landscape show each Sunday morning. The Garden Rebel combines his vast knowledge with a genuine personality that listeners enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Seattle or Sarasota; The Garden Rebel has the answer to America’s gardening and landscape questions and dilemmas.

Understanding that the same solution cannot solve every problem, The Garden Rebel offers natural, environmentally safe solutions to the most common problems. Vince is a radio personality and expert -not an expert trying to be a radio personality.

Vince is a native Floridian who discovered his life’s passion early on. He was raised in Ft. Lauderdale, and confesses that he started his gardening career by growing plants in soup cans. All of his free time was spent working with plants, going to club lectures and speaking at various organizations to tell “the world” about his successes and discoveries of rare blue-ribbon exotic specimens. Hence, “The Garden Rebel” was born.

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