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boydBOYD MATSON National Geographic Weekend, Host

Boyd Matson knows the world. Currently hosting Wild Chronicles on local public television stations, and previously the longtime host of National Geographic Explorer, he’s traveled to exotic locations, joined thrilling expeditions, participated in high-adrenaline adventures, and witnessed amazing natural history and anthropology events. Of course, work is not always a picnic. “There’s nothing glamorous or fun about the hypothermia, altitude sickness, broken bones and animal bites that can happen in the field,” notes Matson. “But I love this job.”

In addition to his hosting duties with Wild Chronicles, Matson writes a monthly travel column for National Geographic Traveler.

On the road with Boyd:

• Survival Series: learn critical wilderness survival skills, from building fire and shelter to using a climber’s portable-ledge, in this on-going Wild Chronicles series.

• Was the first journalist to take to the skies with endangered, captive bred whooping crane chicks, helping Operation Migration teach the birds a migration route. • Reported on the great wildebeest migration, endangered gorillas, lions and hyenas on the hunt, and life in the African savannah.

• Dove into the frigid waters of Antarctica and recorded rare footage of orcas teaching their young to hunt. • Went cave diving in Florida.

• Climbed through the treacherous Khumbu Icefall and did the last known interview with Babu Chiri Sherpa, the record-breaking veteran mountaineer, hours before his untimely death on Mount Everest.

• Completed “The Walk” in Western Australia, an intense survival course consisting of a 10-day, more than 100-mile walk in the desert.

• Piloted the Sustainable Seas Expeditions’ experimental untethered one-person sub off the coast of Washington state.

• Participated in the grueling Southern Traverse endurance race in New Zealand.


• Host of Wild Chronicles, 2005-present

• Host of National Geographic Today and two specials for the NG Channel, 2003-2005

• Host of National Geographic EXPLORER, 1994-2003

• Co-anchor of World News Now (ABC), 1993-1994

• Host of The Real Story for CNBC, 1991-1992

• Correspondent for Real Life With Jane Pauley, 1990

• Co-anchor and weekly correspondent for USA Today On TV, 1988-1989

• Co-anchor of Sunday Today, 1987

• Senior correspondent for Today, 1978-1988

Matson lives with his wife, son and daughter in McLean, Virginia.

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