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doug-stephansTalk is hot! Talk is also widely diverse. Getting a handle on what’s on the minds of other listeners around the country is a tough job. The results have proven fascinating to your listeners. Every week The Talkradio Count Down Show surveys a wide variety of people in and outside the industry to determine for your listeners what’s uppermost in the minds of people like them. Open phones, intriguing guests and regular contributors make The Talkradio Count Down Show fast moving, entertaining and informative. It’s done in cooperation with Michael Harrison of Talkers Magazine, the bible of talkradio.

Unlike music countdown shows that just play the music and add a position to it, The Talkradio Count Down Show often brings in the people who made the issues important or popular. That’s an important point –popular! We deal with all the issues that make life interesting each week. Silly is just as relevant as serious. If the top topics are about dumb stuff, we’ll report it. If it’s about politics (hard to separate the dumb stuff from that) we’ll report that, too. When it’s very serious, like the World Trade Center attack, we’ll treat it with the depth, sensitivity and respect it deserves.

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