Radiation/Oncology Services Now Available on Central Peninsula

Davis: “Marks a pretty historic day really for our community to not have to drive to Anchorage anymore for radiation oncology services.”


Rick Davis, CEO of Central Peninsula Hospital in Soldotna yesterday afternoon as a ribbon cutting ceremony was held for the Peninsula Radiation Oncology Center located on the Campus of CPH.

We asked Davis, what this means for the future of cancer treatment in the local area…


Davis: “They’re a partner with us, this is basically one cornerstone of a bigger oncology program that we’d like to build here. We’ve got infusion services already, and with these two major cornerstones, we’ll add more cancer services to our hospital.”


Among the dignitaries on scene for the grand opening was Borough Mayor Mike Navarre, who commented on the impact such services will have to the local residents.


KPB Mayor Navarre: “We were helpful, I think, in making sure we could facilitate having it built on campus, and built here though the hospital, we’re thrilled that they agreed to do that. We think its great for the long term for the community,  and there’s been a lot of people who have put a lot of work into it, and it’s gone very well. So we’re thrilled. 

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