Quick, Dry Spring Means Fire Season

This winter’s wonky weather has led to a quick, dry spring which the Department of Forestry warns could easily lead to fires.


Fire Prevention Officer Darren Finley offered this reminder.


Finley: “Fire season is upon us. We have high temperatures forecasted and our dry fuels could cause fires to spread rapidly, please be cautious with any activity that could start a wildfire. If you are planning on doing any debris burning you must obtain a burn permit, our permits give the public the information to safely burn if followed correctly. You also need to activate that permit each time you burn, by doing that you will know whether or not there is any advisory or suspension in place.” 


Finley added that fire conditions can change day to day based on the amount of precipitation, heat, and wind in the areas.


Fire permits are free through local fire departments and the Department of Forestry.

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