Questions Raised About Ads Featuring Begich Filmed Last Fall

U.S. Senator Mark Begich said his decision to oppose a Pebble Mine was based on last January’s EPA findings…


Sen. Begich(D-AK): “The thousands of Alaskans that have contacted me, the meetings that I’ve had with both sides, and at one point I actually brought both into my office and had a conversation about this issue. The scientific information that’s been brought to me, the watershed study, all of that compiled over the last five years, I’ve come out and decided, as someone who is a strong supporter of mining, I’ve supported mines throughout the whole state, I think this mine in this place is not going to work and it’s the wrong mine in the wrong place.”


But a series of ads released just days later, thanking the Senator for his position, appear to have been filmed last fall.


The allegations were put forward this week, and Senator Begich’s office declined to comment, instead redirecting us to his campaign staff.


Mike Heatwole from the Pebble Partnership said this is just the latest in a series of disappointments…


Heatwole: “It’s got the same fella’ whose in an ad that started airing back in October. Obviously, it was filmed the same day, with the same backdrop and all of that, and just again, we really find the ad’s timing very curious, and at the 30,000 ft level, obviously we find the senator’s switch in position to be concerning, because he initially said that he was supportive of the permitting process as the appropriate venue to evaluate a project such as Pebble.”


We’ll keep you updated if the Senator’s office responds with a comment.

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