Public Testimony on Capital Budget Monday

Public testimony will be taken on the State Capital Budget on Monday, April 1st. Kenai area residents will be able to testify from 4pm at the Kenai Legislative Information Office. Public testimony is limited to two minutes.


Representative Kurt Olson recently spoke about tightened spending this year…


Rep. Olson(R-Soldotna): “This is probably one of the last years when we have a significant capital budget until we get the gas line up and more oil coming down off of the North Slope into the oil line, the TAPS line. So everybody’s scrambling for money on that. We’re hoping that we can get a reasonable amount for good projects in the area. I think there’ll be money for both cities for their top one or two priority items.”


We’ve also asked Senator Peter Micciche how the local area will feature in the budget…


Sen. Micciche(R-Soldotna): “We hope we do well, but I want folks to keep in mind that our goal is a significantly lower capital budget to match revenue, but we have our key community projects in there, as sent to us in capisis and the various requests from the cities and outlying areas, and we’ll see how it all turns out. Essentially, the Governor had about $25 billion, we added about $25 million for District O and that was about $8 million area wide, which is Kenai to Seldovia, then about $8 million a piece for District 29 and District 30.”

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